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The Butterfield Legacy 1.1 
14th-Sep-2014 03:29 am

I bring you guys, yet another, Sims 2 legacy to add to your reading list.
I hope you all don't mind I already started my founder off through college before moving her onto the largest lot because A: building is my favorite part of Sims 2 and I love living in nice cozy houses and B: Just because I felt like giving my founder a better job (I have the bigger bills mod so it helps a lot). Anyways, I went through college for the first time EVER without cheating, and I was such a good simmer and our founder graduated with a 4.0 :D I was so proud of me guys!

Also bare with me with this first update, remember it's an introduction to the legacy and it'll become more interesting during the next part and so on. (:

Anyways here is our lovely founder fresh out of college! I guess I must warn you she's a little addicted to games.

Amy Butterfield
LTW: To have 20 simutanious best friends
(haha, yeah right...)
She is Outgoing, Nice, Active, Serious, and Neat
Her OTH is Fitness

And to my surprise the gypsie shows up and hands us a magic lamp.
I thought for a minute and questioned whether I would sell it or not but I kept it and wished for Wealth (I have no 20k handout mod so it helped), Power to Cheat Death, and Lifelong Happiness (cause she is NOT having 20 best friends)

Remind me again why papergirl/boy pictures are almost a mandatory thing for beginning legacies?
She's cute though. ;*

With the extra money we recieved from the Genie lamp this is the house I have built

Usually my houses are very bright and spontaneous, but I enjoy the darker feel of this one.

Since I lost the picture of her actually "recieving" her job, Amy was fortunate enough to start in the Show Business career at a level 9.

I didn't want to waste time finding a spouse, Amy called up her college lover, Edward, and invited him out on a date.

So, for as long as I remember, everytime I call someone for a date, I always immediately get this message after hanging up? My sims always leave right away so I don't understand. Is there a fix for this anywhere?

To my surprise Edward still managed to show up with her. Amy just had to ask him out on a date again.

*Insert mandetory Photo Booth sex here*

Did I mention they were 3 bolters? I didn't notice that during college years.

Amy: WHOO, who's up for round TWO!?

Uhm, what? This guy went to college with Amy, but I don't remember them ever talking..

But apparently Amy does, she snuck back off to the photobooth with him without my knowledge.

Amy: *swoons*

Pick one, Amy. You can't have both.

Amy: What do you mean "pick one"? I have 3 bolts for them both, so I'll take them both.

No! It doesn't work that way. Maybe if you were a romance sim, but you aren't.

Unfortunately for Amy, I get to pick who she spends the rest of her life with and I pick Edward.
Nobody can resist the school mascot, am I right? I am right aren't I?

I've always loved this restaruant because of the "classiness" it had to it, but the waiteress ruined it by sending Amy and Edward to a dirty table. Not that sims ever care though.

Amy: Edward, you are one of the two loves of my life, but my Sim!God insists I propose. What do you say?

Edward: I think depending on the size of this diamond we can forget about the fact you have a second lover.

Amy: Eheh.... maybe you will forget. I sure won't..

They are so cute, I can't even.

Of course I say that about all my sim couples though. ;)

So this happened.. But I didn't mind, I never forget alarms in my houses. Boy was I wrong

It was at this moment I was questioning why Amy was still asleep and the alarm wasn't going off... o.o


Still questioning how a car could fit into that sack. Wouldn't that be heavy?

Burglar: I've been doing this for a long time.


To my surprise the cop one, it's usually always the other way around for me..

They also only gave me $5,000 back for insurance... $2,000 less than the original amount for the car. -.-

This is seriously one of my favorite animations in the game.

I had to cheat and grow Edward up, because I'm throwing them both a wedding party today!
I was surprised by his good looks since he's been hiding under a uniform this whole time.

Guests: Who's ready for one hell of a party?

I really didn't expect him to show up. I honestly don't remember even inviting him..



Amy: Congratulations on being HOT!

Blair: Gee, thanks!


Edward: Why do you smell like another man's cologne?

Amy: Eh... Time to cut the cake!

Amy: Here you go baby..

I think you may have missed his mouth...

Amy: Who says I'm aiming for his mouth?

I love seeing the dinner table completely filled. C':
I play in the land of boolprop when I'm not playing legacy style, so I'm not much used to it.


Amy: What? I'm tense.

You're lucky Edward hasn't caught you yet. And on your wedding day!


This is where I'm going to leave you for now.
The next part is when I'll unleash the true personalities that these sims hold. So there will be a lot more dialogue.
It's just harder for me to do in the first chapter sometimes, because I'm too focused on finding a spouse and marrying them in.

14th-Sep-2014 10:25 am (UTC)
awww I really love Amy and Edward, they're so cute!
and seriously, that guy.. wth? °-°
I can't wait to read more, good start.
14th-Sep-2014 07:53 pm (UTC)
awww, Amy's so cute. c: Can't wait for more!
20th-Sep-2014 07:43 am (UTC)
Amy is such a CUTIE and so is her little llama :D looking forward to more
12th-Oct-2014 01:58 am (UTC)
Amy and Edward are so sweet together - I'm so excited to read more!
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